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Assured Supply

At Surlean Foods, we know how important assured supply is to our customer’s operations.

To us, assured supply means:

  • Quality product that meets specifications
  • Full order fulfillment – no shortages
  • On time delivery


Our approach to quality assurance includes both meeting industry requirements and the custom quality needs of our customers. We’re proactive leaders, and we’ve developed practices that protect everything from our customers’ proprietary recipes to their brand identities. Our standards of quality have won the respect of our industry, and you can count on uncompromising quality from Surlean Foods.


Whether buying for a least-cost formulation protein item or ingredients for customized on-trend products, we are your partner.

  • Vast experience working with purchasing co-ops

  • Contract pricing – monthly, quarterly or annually

  • We work closely with our R&D team during the development of your product to find the best suppliers for unique ingredients

  • Hold suppliers to the highest quality standards through audits and approval processes to ensure your product meets your specifications


Surlean Foods prides itself on our new state of the art facilities.

  • San Antonio – 100,000 sq.ft. facility

  • Dallas – 100,000 sq.ft. facility

  • Centrally located in the U.S.


We provide flexibility and scalability for our customers as partners in determining the best distribution for their needs.

  • Multiple transportation methods for customized distribution

  • Centrally located regional plants for ease of distribution throughout the U.S.

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